Pure, natural, potent.

Discover more about Himalayan Spring Water, the ancient water at the heart of our collections.

Award Winning Clean Skincare at its best.

What do we mean by clean? Beneficial, natural ingredients, unsullied by harsh, drying chemicals. Learn more about the Herbal Essentials Clean Skincare Promise.


Why Herbal Essentials?

Our Ethos

Our products are mostly vegan and gluten free, cruelty free, and made with recyclable packaging. Every product we sell contains uses only those synthetic ingredients which are essential to ensure the efficacy and lifespan of the product.

Himalayan Water

This remarkable ingredient’s descent through the peaks has taken it through potent, mineral-rich stones and soil, absorbing a powerful concentration of skin-boosting ingredients such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Formulations that work

We believe in clean skincare that delivers. We work with leading French skincare experts to ensure that our formulations maximise the power of our natural ingredients.

Clean, ethical skincare

We are proud to state that our collections are 90% natural origin. Why spoil nature’s finest ingredients with chemicals?

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