Ancient Beauty Wisdom 

Herbal Essentials is a beauty brand that believes in using and adapting Ancient Beauty Wisdom from all parts of the world to create highly effective skin care products for the modern consumer.

We work with "clean" formulations that derive their efficacity from ancient knowledge, that have been lost in time, which we then adapt for the modern consumer, blending it with pure Himalayan Spring Water and natural ingredients, to help and aid skin cell repair to prevent signs of aging and for better skin health.

The basic philosophy of Herbal Essentials is ‘activate the body to heal itself’ so that healing takes place from within, giving long-lasting and satisfying results for healthier looking skin.

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Our first journey has been to the highest mountain range in the world - The Himalayas - to come up with our “Ayurvedic Range” that adheres to the principles of Ayurveda. We selected the best ingredients that respect the principles of Ayurveda and blended them with pure Himalayan Spring Water that contain a high concentration of macro minerals.

Ayurvedic philosophy believes in bringing an equilibrium or balance into one’s life, to deliver the harmony that it is essential to healthy skin and well being. The basic philosophy of Ayurveda is to active the body to heal itself, so the healing takes place from within, giving long lasting and satisfied results for a healthy looking skin.

According to Ayurveda, to find this balance, which is vital for your wellbeing , it is equally important to take care of yourself as well as your skin – one must take time for meditation, exercise, respecting a healthy diet and of course taking care of your skin.

Himalayan Spring Water

Our pure Himalayan Spring Water is collected straight from the foothill of Himalaya in order to get the highest concentration of macro minerals for our skin care products. The journey of the water takes more than 20 years passing through the Himalayan stones and soil, absorbing extremely rich macro minerals, which makes this water so unique in the world.

Herbal Essentials products from our Ayurvedic range contain a high concentration of calcium, magnesium and potassium, well known for their cleansing, soothing, hydrating, protective and anti aging benefits for the skin.