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Caffeine - The New Skin Booster
30 July

Caffeine - The New Skin Booster

The recent top skincare trends for 2017 according to Google includes searches for vegan beauty items, natural ingredients, and other categories that prove people are starting to be mindful of what they are actually putting on their skin.

One of the natural skincare ingredient that everyone is raving about is Caffeine. Caffeine is an organic compound that provides antioxidant protection from free radicals. This ingredient is mostly found in our favorite foods and drinks – chocolates and coffee!

Caffeine from coffee bean extracts is now being added to skincare for its anti-aging benefits. Here are some of the reasons why coffee is great for you skin:


Anti-aging Powerhouse.

It contains high antioxidants and minerals that help fight free radicals and protects skin against premature aging. Caffeine has properties that tightens your skin, making it much firmer and younger looking - improving the overall look of your skin.


Reduces Cellulite.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and is responsible for giving our skin elasticity and connective tissue’s ability to hold everything in place. Think of it as “glue” that holds things together.  As we age, our body’s ability to produce collagen declines.  The skin becomes thinner, drier, and develops sags and wrinkles.

Caffeine, if applied topically stimulates blood flow which helps collagen production and it also has the ability to draw water out of fatty cells, reducing the appearance of cellulite.


Stimulates Blood Circulation and Reduces Puffiness

Caffeine has natural anti-inflammatory properties that help calm swelling and redness. Certain skin issues like Rosacea can be treated with caffeine as it constricts small blood vessels and improves circulation, reducing redness and giving you a naturally firm skin.

The anti-inflammatory properties of caffeine can also help reduce undereye dark circles and puffiness.


Sun Protection.

Study shows that lathering on caffeine could guard against skin cancer. It acts as sunscreen and has been shown to reverse UV damage.

Have you tried this natural skin booster yet? Share your thoughts and drop us a comment below.

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